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Family Golf

Family Golf.
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A new feature of Kananaskis Country Golf Course for 2020, are our shorter, introductory-level tees on every one of the course’s 36 holes.

We think that one of the beautiful things about golf is the ability to adjust the difficulty of the game, allowing people of all experience levels to enjoy the sport. Shorter tees mean shorter distances that golfers need to cover to reach each hole. For families and newcomers of all ages and physical abilities, these shorter tees will offer an ideal introduction to the game.

The course previously offered four sets of tees on each of its 36 holes, for a total of 144 tees. Adding the 72 new, shorter tees to this previous configuration brings the total to 216 tees, a uniquely diverse offering. While the length of the shortest tee on each hole was previously 5,500 yards, the two new sets of tees – at 3,800 and 4,800 yards each – will offer even more choice for golfers.

We aim to remove any barriers that may prevent people from trying or returning to golf, and to share this incredible sport with the future generation of golfers. While the new shorter tees are ideal for newer golfers, seasoned pros can also rest assured that they will continue to find plenty of challenges to test their skills at Kananaskis Country Golf Course.

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