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    1985 - Brad Taylor

Brad Taylor, Golfer, 1985-Present

“My passion for golf was starting to grow back in 1985, and I remember my Dad saying that Kananaskis was the best course in Alberta – and I had to take a minute just to say the word Kananaskis, as I’d never heard of it before!

Dad and I would camp out at the Mt. Kidd campsite, we were tenting. We made our way to the golf course and I had so much fun on the first day, so the next day played 54 holes – we were off and running with our Kananaskis experience.

Dad and I still play together. We don’t live in the same city, but we still make the time to play together every year. I remember my little brother sneaking off in the trees to find golf balls, and I remember walking along the streams of Lorette and seeing trout swimming, and the white sand in the bunker... for me, Dad had brought me to the Golf Disneyland.

It was a jaw-dropping kind of place, and even being a young kid, I remember it being everything that he [Dad] said it would be.

I’ve always called it my home course, and although it’s out of the city, I made a point of getting out to Kananaskis to play that course as often as we could. It’s just a really special spot".

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