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Congratulations on all the work that has been done so far. The course is in great shape. One of the great things about the course is how well suited it is to a variety of players and how it is designed to help with the speed of play.

-Hugh. H September 2017

The golf course renovation is spectacular and the hospitality was second to none.

-John. B September 2017

What can I say. In one word – Unbeatable. Kananaskis is heaven on earth. The memories that came back to me more and more the closer I got while driving into the park and then into the course property itself were very emotional. I had almost forgotten how beautiful that valley is.

-Jack. P September 2017

It was honestly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to golf the very best course we have played on – except now it’s even better (hard to fathom, but it is)!

-Val. L September 2017

The new course is none less spectacular. It is gorgeous. We will certainly be back in 2018.

-Wayne & Janet H September 2017

I am so vey excited for all of you and the course is absolutely amazing! It’s incredible how much has been accomplished with the restoration in such a short amount of time.

-Stacey. B September 2017

The Course is world class, I forgot how beautiful and serene the surrounding mountains are until I was there again.

-Lina September 2017

What an awesome experience today at Kananaskis Country Club. The conditions were unreal, and the overall experience was outstanding. Today was my first experience playing Kananaskis, and I was blown away by the views, the course but most importantly the passion of the team towards the restoration of these two iconic courses. I was really taken aback by the passion towards the course that the team displayed today.

-Cameron. L. September 2017